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About The Polish Chemistry Congress

Dear Sirs,

The Polish Chemistry Congress is one of the most important events of the chemical industry in Poland and a great opportunity to exchange experiences and to present innovative ideas and strategies for the chemical industry. Apart from general issues, thematic sessions proposed by us are based on current topics being the subject of work of the Polish Chemical Industry Association (PIPC) and its associated commissions.

The success of the previous editions of this event showed how necessary it is for the Polish chemical sector to create a platform for discussions and an exchange of experiences in the field of technological solutions, the performance of investment processes, process safety, innovations and the impact of the legal and economic environment.

During the previous editions of the Congress, our guests were outstanding representatives of the world of business, science, business organisations, politics and the biggest companies of the Polish chemical sector.

We believe that, like in previous years, the Congress will be an exceptional event and its participants will again appreciate the high level of debates and the excellent organisation of meetings.

Join us at the Congress!

Tomasz Zieliński, Ph.D., Eng.
President of the Management Board of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry


#CHEMISTRYfortheFUTURE – the most important event in the Polish industry!

This year’s edition of the biggest Polish industry event will open up in the TV online formula! The European Green Deal and the corona virus pandemic are main topics discussed now by the European industry. Challenges laying ahead of us are no longer foggy visions. They are our “yesterday’s” to do tasks. We have two solutions now - we will start to be aware of the momentum or we can start slowly closing down national industry. Participants of 8th Polish Chemistry Congress, organized by the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry (PIPC), will face up questions focusing on the future of the chemical industry, its role in the modern world, and try to decide which path of the European transformation is the winning one.

16th of June #ChemistryfortheFuture will become our present!

What will the future of chemistry be? Are green trends one way ticket to an early end of the chemical sector? What can chemistry do for our common future? What is the role of chemistry in the switch to green transformation? What is chemistry of the future supposed to be? Hydrogen or renewable energy sources? Circular economy or chemical recycling? Virtual systems which give real safety? Digitalization, optimalisation or monetization? Is there any environmentally friendly transport? These are only a few of questions which will be asked during the congress, taking place in a modern online studio.

The agenda of the 8th Congress is really diversified, as in previous years. The Polish Chamber of the Chemical Industry, once again, proves that chemistry is a crucial topic and each of us should be a part of it. We are benefiting from its solutions, often without even realizing it.

“We are no longer talking about some future solutions, there are no longer vague visions. Our conversations about “somebody, someday” or „in next 20 years” should go to the past. Today we are talking about existing  products. We use this products extensively, often beyond awareness of the origin of it. We are not talking about distant ideas. We are talking about here and now. The future doesn’t start today, it started yesterday and we are aware of it. It is the best explanation of the 8th Congress quote - #ChemistryfortheFuture” – said Tomasz Zieliński, Ph.D., President of the Board in the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, Polish Chemistry Congress organizer.

There is no future without the chemistry. There won’t be a technological development, an environmental protection or new scientific discoveries without changing consumer habits. Modern, friendly, green world can’t exist without chemistry. Does it sound ridiculous? Perhaps, but PIPC’s team proved to us many times that they know their job. The choice of topics and questions which will be asked, does confirm it. The event will be divided into three blocks  - Green Transformation, Safety and Competitiveness of Polish Chemistry and Civilisation Development.

Politicians, CEO’s and board members of the biggest chemical industry companies, sectoral experts and scientists will be dealing with plenty of different thematic areas. Strategy and competitiveness of the sector, hydrogen revolution, circular economy monetization, sustainability of chemical products, green transport, food safety, chemistry 4.0 and security are only a few from the burning topics. Green Deal will only be the leitmotive of all #ChemistryfortheFuture” talks. “Chemicals are crucial to achieving European Green Deal goals. Chemical processes and products are present in every industrial ecosystem in Europe today. It makes chemistry crucial to undergoing the green transformation. Today, chemistry creates the basic elements which are needed to build solar panels, electric batteries, wind turbines or various shades of hydrogen. Chemistry really provides for basic, everyday needs of every society - from clothing, through drugs, food to telecoms and IT. Unfortunately, it is easy for consumers to forget that chemistry has also its bright "side”, and at the same time the industry rarely reminds us of it. More than a year of living through the Covid-19 pandemic had shown us the crucial role chemical sector plays in producing basic products needed to survive this unprecedented public health crisis. Processes and products make us an important player in the economic recovery after Covid-19. It is also a good time to show our role in the economy - not only numbers, but numeratively, really specific examples, showing that there would be no modern world without chemistry - describes Tomasz Zieliński, Ph.D., President of the Board of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry, organizer of the Congress.

Below you will find some of the most important areas and questions that will be discussed during the Congress:  


What role does the Polish Chemistry play? It is a sector of the economy, which creates more than 320 000 jobs, with 20% input in the national industry. Does chemical sector really need to be recognized as strategic or maybe “titles” are not that important? Do we have to take responsibility for the future of national economy? What is more important for our future?


What is chemical industry’s real role in Europe’s going through the green transformation? Is reconciliation of ambitious Green Deal goals with daily working of the chemical sector all possible? We are facing the biggest, since The Marshall Plan, project of the European industry recovery. Is it the last moment to understand the role that chemistry plays? And shall we take responsibility for our own development? What role should the administration play in the transformation?


What are the goods we should be investing in uncertain times? What way to choose – green trends or investments in high rated solutions? Is there a contradiction in chemical industry between eco and development of profitable directions? Where should we look for additional financing?


Is “H” the most important letter in the Polish economy alphabet or another, short time trend? Do investment in the most popular molecule and the cleanest fuel have a deep business and environmental meaning? Does chemical industry should invest in such volatile substance? What role should Poland, as a third European hydrogen producer, play on the alternative source energy field?


Are we ready to implement assumptions of the new European economy model, after only a few years from its announcement? What changes have we observed when approaching our business partners? Why national government and part of users are still afraid of chemical recycling? How to turn European ideas into real profits?


Low-emission transport – is it a new consumer trend or the only way to avoid huge environmental costs? How do solutions that are still refined in the B2C sphere and are sometimes unreliable, translate into competitive and trouble-free B2B? Can we afford to stay with today’s solutions?


Can we be more sustainable? What else can industry that is critical to achieving zero-emission targets in less than 3 decades do? How are we supposed to compete in business with the rest of the world? It is only us - the Europeans – that are burdened with increasing costs and limited by more and more restrictive regulations. How to fight with myths and black PR, which creates false image? Chemistry is one of the most regulated, innovative sectors. There would be no development of the entire society without it – why does everybody tend to forget about it?

8. 4.0 - OUR TODAY

How do technologies of the future transform our everyday functioning? Safety, optimization of processes, or maybe convenience are the greatest values that we will derive from moving our business to the world of the fourth industrial revolution? How have the last months changed our approach and the importance of cloud solutions? Are we going to learn how to use their full potential?

Last year's momentum of the Polish Chamber of Chemical Industry action and the success of the virtual Congress, the content of which reached over 1,000,000 users, made it possible to assume a priori - that this year will just be as interesting as ever! We will keep you updated on the details of the agenda.

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